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Applying knowledge and experience to provide safe, sustainable groundwater.​


  1. Involvement of MWWA members within their own community – Members of the MWWA are very active in their local community. The following list of activates highlights the various levels of participation our members have within their local community: Active in Local Church - Local chapter of Knight of Columbus - County Water Resource Task Force Member - County Concert Association Director - Serve on Advisor Council on Wells and Borings - Coach football at the High School level - Referee Wrestling at the High School level - County Commissioner – Member of the Township Board - County Storm Spotter, Mayor. 
  2. Involvement of MWWA members in Protecting the Groundwater. – Involvement in protecting Minnesota’s Groundwater takes involvement on many different levels. Members of the MWWA stay involved by:
    • Participating on State Ground Water Management Areas Groups
    • Active participation in the NGWA Certification test writing sessions
    • Writing white papers on groundwater topics
    • Active on the MDH Advisory Council on Wells and Borings
    • Create and actively test/troubleshoot new products that protect and help sustain our aquifers
    • Active participants on DNR Roundtable events focusing on groundwater.
  3. Number of water wells sealed to MN Statute 4725 and MDH Code in in the State of Minnesota – The MDH (Minnesota Department of Health) began active record keeping on the sealing of wells and borings in 1990. Since that time, 284,084 wells and borings have been sealed in the State of Minnesota. Prior to that, records show that 11,489 wells and borings had been sealed, for a grand total of 295,573 wells and borings sealed in Minnesota.
  4. Number of MWWA members that have obtained a Certification? 25 licensed contractors in the State of Minnesota have obtained further Certification from the National Ground Water Association, 22 of whom are members of the Minnesota Water Well Association. Of these members, 7 of them have received the highest certification offered, that of Master Ground Water Contractor (MGWC).
  5. Number of MWWA members that are members of other industry related associations – It is hard to put an actual “number” on the number of contractors that are members of other industry related associations, but here is a list of associations our members are involved in:
    • NGWA – National Ground Water Association
    • MGWA – Minnesota Ground Water Association
    • MOWA – Minnesota On-site Wastewater Association
    • Local Watershed Associations (MN has 86 Watersheds)
    • NRWA – National Rural Water Association
    • AWWA – American Water Works Association
    • WQA – Water Quality Association
    • Home Builders Association
    • Local Chambers of Commerce
  6. ​​​What other types of training is involved by the MWWA members? Members of the MWWA not only actively participate on, but oversee the Minnesota Department of Health Advisory Board of Wells and Borings. MWWA members host factory schools focusing on grout, pumps and other industry related mechanics. In addition, each licensed contractor, must obtain a set number of Continuing Education hours each year to maintain his/her license.
  7. What is the criteria that a Water Well Contractor must comply by? The number of continuing education contact hours required annually for certified representatives of limited well/boring contractors and elevator boring contractors is now two contact hours. However, those two contact hours must be from a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)-presented or MDH–sponsored program. Individual contractors and certified representatives for well contractors and monitoring well contractors must obtain six contact hours of MDH-approved continuing education annually. Two of the six contact hours must be from a MDH-presented or MDH–sponsored program.
  8. How many MWWA members in MN are qualified to instruct at the State or Federal level? – Some of the members of the MWWA are qualified to instruct at the State or Federal level, and provide training on or for:
    • ATFE on the use, storage and transport of explosives
    • Provide day of industry related seminars every spring, along with additional days throughout the year.
    • Train members of the MWWA on load securement and transport of hazardous material
    • Members are qualified to train at the State Level
    • Participate on numerous State and Federal water-related and industry-related committees.
  9. What is the McEllhiney Lecture and how many Minnesotans have presented it? To foster professional excellence in water well technology, the NGWA Foundation established the William A. McEllhiney Distinguished Lecture Series in Water Well Technology. Initiated in 2000, the lecture series honors William A. McEllhiney, the 1948 founding president of the National Ground Water Association, and a groundwater contractor and civil engineer. As of 2017, 6 Minnesotans have been the McEllhiney Lecturer.
  10. How many Minnesotans are Past Presidents of the National Ground Water Association? 5 Individuals from Minnesota have been the President of the National Ground Water Association, which was formed in 1948. 
  11. How long has the Minnesota Water Well been a State Association? The Minnesota Water Well Association was formed in 1922, and is the oldest State Association in the United States focused on Water Well’s!
  12. What is a Groundwater Model and do you have one for use? A Groundwater Model is just what is sounds like. This is a table top display model that shows how water moves through the ground and interacts with surface features such as streams and wells. It can also show the effects of contamination on water and how over-pumping and well drawdown can change the movement of water. The Minnesota Water Well Association has one of these for rent. Interested parties can inquire about this by calling 1-800-332-2104.
  13. Do you have a question about Groundwater, Water Wells? Let us know what they are by clicking HERE!

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